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Nov 28, 2023

Water scarcity impacting the development of renewable hydrogen infrastructure in Spain – Javier Alagón in Expansión

Water scarcity impacting the development of renewable hydrogen infrastructure in Spain – Javier Alagón in Expansión Javier Alagón, senior associate at Ontier, was quoted in Expansión on the significant challenges posed by water scarcity for renewable hydrogen projects.


The article discusses the challenges facing the development of renewable hydrogen infrastructure in Spain, focusing on economic, regulatory, and technical issues. It highlights the lack of regulation as a key obstacle, with uncertainties hindering the growth of the green hydrogen sector. The European push for renewable hydrogen is acknowledged, including a significant investment from the European Hydrogen Bank. Despite Spain's ambition to become a global leader in hydrogen production, obstacles such as economic uncertainties, regulatory complexities, and technical challenges persist. The article also explores the impact of drought on hydrogen production, noting debates around water usage and the reluctance of the administration to grant new water concessions, posing a significant hurdle for projects in the sector. Despite these challenges, there is a notable investor interest in hydrogen projects in Spain, with various major companies leading initiatives in the sector. The article concludes by highlighting specific hydrogen projects across different regions in Spain and their respective investments and goals.

He notes that the administration is reluctant to grant new water concessions due to water shortages, hindering the feasibility of these projects. Javier highlights that the conditions imposed by institutions, such as prioritizing water use for human consumption or irrigation, creates financial obstacles for hydrogen production ventures.

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For any questions related to the topics raised above, please contact Javier Alagón.

The full article can be read here: The regulatory challenges for green hydrogen (Please note, an Expansíon subscription is required to access this article)

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