Antonellaʼs objective is to turn the solutions and choices of law available to the client into an opportunity for developing and growing, facing challenges and problems together, in disputes handled in court as well as out of court.

Work highlights

Advising companies, owners, landlords on significant litigationcase regarding building property, lease, rental and constructions.

Advising real estate companies in converting and selling a real estate asset.

Specific assistance and advice in lease agreements, especially “grandi locazioni” (i.e. leases exceeding 250,000 €/year)

What clients say

Lawyer valuable for expertise and great mediation skills

Qualifications and memberships

  • Lawyer registered with the Milan Bar Association and qualified to practice before higher courts.
  • Since 1998, legal adviser to Assoedilizia, the Milanese Association of Building Owners
  • Member of Confedilizia's Coordination of Lawyeres.

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