James is an experienced solicitor and advocate with a proven track record in working with high net worth individuals and companies to resolve complex disputes that span multiple jurisdictions. Known for his measured and professional approach, James brings extensive experience to each case. Specializing in cross-border disputes, he is skilled at navigating the complexities of international law and providing strategic advice tailored to the individual needs of his clients. James's strong communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills ensure that his clients receive the top-tier legal representation they deserve.

Work highlights

As the employee page of our law firm, we take pride in highlighting our involvement in pivotal matters. One such commendable project is our advisory role towards a prominent creditor during a restructuring process within the oil and gas sector.
For numerous years, our law firm has been actively representing the SIPA appointed trustee in a variety of intricate legal cases arising from the notorious Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme.
We represent creditors and joint official liquidators of a Cayman Islands fund in a substantial legal conflict involving multiple jurisdictions.

What clients say

Clients describe James as a very strong advocate and commercial lawyer.

Qualifications and memberships

  • Bachelor's degree in Politics from The University of Portsmouth
  • Graduate Diploma in Law/Legal Practice Course from the College of Law

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