About us

In complex and uncertain business environments, we want to be the lawyers of choice for our clients wherever they are, whenever they need us.

We distinguish ourselves by our approach to solutions and our way of knowing our client's business; taking risks with them and committing ourselves to finding the best and most innovative way, not afraid to break the traditions and be disruptive. We create tailor-made teams and put our best talent to work on every matter, focusing on projects and flexible billing models in which we share risk. We like to contribute to our society, and give back part of our profits to charity (find out more about the Aretha Project). We are fresh, different and disruptive partners in our clients' growth journeys.

Our brand represents our values

Entrepreneurship, we seek to add value, our mentality leads us to go one step further and generate new solutions, new models and new rules.
Generosity, we are guided by bringing value, helping our people, our customers and society.
Courage and ambition, we dare, we are not afraid of risks, we are audacious.
Innovation and creativity, we need to innovate constantly to adapt to change and be able to create solutions in advance of what is to come.
Integrity, we are trustworthy, honest and respect the rights, differences and dignity of any community.
Flexibility, we adapt to change, our teams are liquid depending on projects or clients. We are resilient.

Our history

In January 2009, the law firms Ramón Hermosilla and Gutiérrez de la Roza merged as one, Ramón Hermosilla y Gutiérrez de la Roza. The new firm was then named RHGR before leaving behind the founder’s names and becoming Ontier in 2014. We look back at the firm’s rich historical foundations.

Ramón Hermosilla (founded in 1959, Madrid) quickly became a reference in the criminal-economic area of the Spanish legal sector for leading key cases of its time. These cases include the Rumasa case, Banco Bilbao’s takeover bid for Banesto and the purchase of Marks & Spencer’s by El Corte Inglés of Galerías Preciados. Just a small firm, with only thirty professionals, but one that handled very high-value matters.

Gutiérrez de la Roza (founded in 1998, Oviedo) became a specialized commercial law firm in a very short time, through the clear vision of the founder Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza. The unique body of work focused on bankruptcy, receiverships and litigation. The success led to the opening of an additional office in 2000 located in Madrid, servicing an ever-expanding client list and focusing on energy and technology companies nationwide. The economic development of Spain during the first years of the 21st century favoured the rapid growth of the firm, and in 2007 it became one of the fifty largest Spanish law with an impressive turnover.

The merging of the law firms saw a new era for their respective work, formulating a new strategy that set out an ambitious vision for the future and to grow internationally.

Ramon Hermosilla Foundation
Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza Foundation
Merger: Ramón Hermosilla and Gutiérrez de la Roza
RHGR initiates its international expansion through an innovative business model of inorganic growth
New global brand: first advertisement campaign of Brand Notoriety
Ontier Head Quarters move from Madrid to London
Ontier #quierocambiardevida campaign
Ontier #noeslomismo campaign
Aretha as a Ontier Soul is born to unify ESG initiatives
Ontier prepares its corporate structure to implement its new disruptive model
Ontier Spanish Headquarter moves to Ontier Habana corporative sustainable building
Ontier disposes of 100% of the shares of its offices
Ontier announces its disruptive innovative model
Ontier new rebrand



Ontier was born as a brand for several reasons. Firstly, the Ramón Hermosilla Gutiérrez de la Roza brand was considered too long, and its acronym (RHGR) too difficult to pronounce internationally.

The brand was a key element for the expansion of the firm, avoiding personalities with the aim of creating a global, different, fresh brand with a clear customer focus. Ontier stopped competing at a national level to compete at a global level, with the DNA of innovation both in its growth model and in the way of understanding the law crystallised in having relationships with its trusted clients, with the will to help them not only in legal matters but also in meeting the objectives of their company, true "trusted advisors". A different vision of the profession.

In April 2012, Ontier's brand was presented to the press: the first global law firm with a local soul.

The positioning of the brand required a great effort, especially in the field of communication, generating the most innovative campaigns in the legal sector, such as the first brand awareness advertising campaign in the legal sector and the talent recruitment campaigns #quierocambiardevida and #ontiernoeslomismo. Communication has been and continues to be one of the main pillars of Ontier's culture transmission.


In October 2015, Ontier moved its corporate headquarters from Madrid to London with the aim of reinforcing its global brand image and giving new impetus to its internationalisation. Ontier has always been committed to innovation, generating an atypical business model in traditional partnerships. Already in its international expansion model, it grew by acquiring majority shareholdings in local law firms, which were integrated into the brand by adopting common systems and processes. Thus, Ontier has always opted for innovative growth models in the legal sector with business criteria that allowed it the capacity to attract talent and support geographical expansion. The culmination of this model was in July 2022.

Now in 2023, the firm has 16 offices in 11 countries, an internationally consolidated brand and a global firm with a local soul.


We respect the environment with a carbon zero policy, our corporate building in Madrid is 100% sustainable. A percentage of our profits go to social causes. The sale of our Aretha cologne donates the proceeds to charity. In addition, our e-shop sells products from disadvantaged communities where we operate.

We have policies of inclusion and equality.

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Find your legal partner today, and supercharge your success.
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