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Sep 22, 2023

Ontier wins prestigious FT Innovation Award for pioneering legal magic

The exhilarating night of the Financial Times Innovation Awards at the National History Museum saw Ontier emerge victorious as the recipient of the Innovation in People Management award.

This momentous achievement is a testament to Ontier's unwavering commitment to innovation and its groundbreaking approach to transforming the legal landscape. By seamlessly merging entrepreneurial skills with legal mastery, Ontier has redefined the traditional law firm model. This innovative shift not only propels Ontier's growth within the market but also elevates its capacity to attract top-tier talent.

At the core of this transformation is the creation of a novel career path that replaces the conventional pyramid model. Instead, Ontier's pioneering model nurtures Business Lawyers and Masters of Law, forming liquid teams tailored to each client's unique needs and jurisdictional requirements.

Bernardo Gutierrez de la Roza, the CEO of Ontier, expressed his elation, saying, "Securing recognition from the esteemed Financial Times is no small feat, and winning is exhilarating. Innovation runs deep within Ontier's DNA, and we are particularly thrilled by this accolade because we recognise that our talented team is our most valuable asset. We dedicate ourselves to continuously innovating our business model to empower our team's careers and meet our clients' evolving needs. We owe this triumph to our exceptional team and the trust our clients place in us, fuelling our determination to innovate and continually strive for excellence."

Ontier's revolutionary model not only cements the firm's status as a legal partner for growth but also forms the cornerstone of game-changing partnerships that propel the industry forward.

Ontier proudly extends its congratulations to all the winners and nominees at the FT Innovation Awards, celebrating the collective spirit of innovation and excellence that drives progress in today's world.

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