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Mar 15, 2021

Oviedo City Council commissions Ontier to draft the municipal ordinance on outdoor hospitality. Newspaper EL COMERCIO features the information.

The Urban Planning Department of OVIEDO City Council has contracted Ontier to draw up a new hospitality outdoors ordinance, in which the government team wants to make definitive part of the exceptional measures applied since the beginning of the pandemic and which allow hospitality business owners to make use of larger outdoor spaces, taking advantage of parking spaces from the road, and which has led establishments throughout the city to double and triple their outdoors area to compensate for the restrictions.

Ontier must open a phase of prior consultation, draw up the reports that are mandatory, provide legal advice and also take charge of the responses to the allegations and suggestions received in the various phases of consultation, hearing and public information and conclude with the final approval document. All of this, within a maximum period of one year, which means that the first prior consultation procedures will take place this summer.

The information featured by newspaper El Comercio is available in the next link:

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