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Viviana Schirripa


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Viviana is a diligent and dedicated lawyer. Viviana has built a reputation for her exceptional legal expertise and ensuring that her clients best interests are always at the forefront of her cases.

Work highlights

Obtaining important decisions from Strasbourg Court that have condemned the Central State to pay the debts of local authorities and subsidiaries to my clients' companies.
Bringing several appeals to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of former employees of now bankrupt local authority-controlled companies to complain about the state's violation of their property rights as a result of non-payment of their claims. The appeals were all declared admissible. In some cases, the government has already undertaken to pay, accepting the amicable settlement proposed by the Court, which has in fact decided to remove the case from the register. The claimants, who had lost all hope of getting their money as a result of the bankruptcy, will finally be paid. The Central State has already paid them for the moral damage suffered.
Receiving a declaration of admissibility of an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in the interest of a private company to complain about the violation by the State of its right to property and to a fair trial, resulting from the non-payment of a debt it owes to a municipality. Its claim has also been recognised by the national court, but the judgments have remained unexecuted. The municipality, already in default, declared its insolvency. The extraordinary liquidation body in charge proposed to the applicant company a partial payment of its claim, using the procedure provided for by law (Article 258 TUEL). The non-payment for more than 10 years of an important debt created economic difficulties for the applicant company, which was forced to accept the LSO's proposal and waive part of its claim. For this further interference, a further appeal to the Strasbourg Court was brought, which was also declared inadmissible.

What clients say

Qualifications and memberships

  • Graduated with honours from the University of Calabria
  • Trained in the field of human rights protection at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice
  • Member of the Italian Young Lawyers Association

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